The idea behind the change​

Our top priority is to always stay in line with modern times by ensuring we offer an extensive and high-end industrial software portfolio to our partners and customers. Therefore, it was an easy decision when AVEVA asked us to become AVEVA Select Scandinavia.

​After 20 years of trading as Wonderware Scandinavia, we are starting a new chapter as AVEVA Select Scandinavia. This joined alliance with AVEVA confirms our long-standing, long-lasting partnership – Representing what we stand for: top-level advice, superior service and sales of the entire AVEVA portfolio in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

​From now on, you will see our business with a NEW NAME, logo and identity but with the SAME CORE values, commitment AND MORE. Except for having access to the complete global AVEVA Portfolio and seeing the new fresh look associated with our company, nothing will change for you and your business with our team and us.

We can imagine that you have questions regarding this change; therefore, we created a FAQ page with answers for your convenience. If you have additional questions or requests, feel free to reach out, we will be happy to get in touch with you!

The only constant in life is change. – This change is one we accept with an open heart.

​We are looking forward to collaborating with you and your organization under the new name AVEVA Select Scandinavia. 


​Kind Regards

Peter Karlsson

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are you becoming AVEVA Select Scandinavia?

Becoming an AVEVA Select partner allows us to offer our partners and customers the extensive comprehensive
and high-end industrial software solutions AVEVA portfolio. The Wonderware offering is very known in the
Operations area, and with the extended portfolio, we now also have solutions available for Engineering
and Performance purposes.

Who is AVEVA

AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, drives digital transformation for industrial organizations managing complex operational processes. AVEVA is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with over 6,000 employees at 90 locations in more than 40 countries

When will the change happen

As of November, you will see a complete change over from Wonderware Scandinavia to AVEVA Select Scandinavia.

Will you still host local conferences?

Yes, we will still host local annual events under the name AVEVA Select Scandinavia Summit. You can also expect to see invitations to the global AVEVA events. Look out for upcoming details on the AVEVA World Conference in May 2022

Will we get technical support from a different team?

No. Our local technical support team will continue, as usual, supporting our local customers with all technical queries.

You can contact us at or phone us on the following numbers:
Denmark – +45 44885670
Norway – +47 67815161
Sweden – +46 40384455

Can we continue to use the current case reference and email trail for open cases?

Yes, our internal systems will stay the same. Only the email address will change.
All Wonderware-Scandinavia domain email accounts will forward to the appropriate addresses.

Is my Customer FIRST agreement still the same?

Yes. Since AVEVA already issued all certifications, all certificates published before our rebranding to AVEVA Select Scandinavia will remain valid.

Are my company and individual product certifications still valid?

Yes. Since AVEVA already issued all certifications, all certificates published before our rebranding to AVEVA Select Scandinavia will remain valid.

Will you still sell Wonderware and Citect products?

YES. AVEVA Select encompasses the entire 100+ solution portfolio with heritage brands including Wonderware and CITECT unified into our master AVEVA brand.

Are there new products

Yes. We will, from now on, offer the complete extensive and end-to-end AVEVA Portfolio covering the three areas: Engineer, Operate, Perform.

Will this impact your product and service offerings?

Business offerings will go on as usual with all our customers, now only with an extended portfolio. We commit to continue enlarging our expertise and focus on staying the experts to continue supporting our partners and end-users to make the best possible use of our software functionalities.

Has the ownership structure of Wonderware Scandinavia, now AVEVA Select Scandinavia , changed?

No, the ownership of the company remains the same.

Will the rebranding have any impact on existing agreements or contracts?

No, all existing agreements and contracts will remain as is.

Are documents that were issued before the renaming still being accepted?

Yes, all documents, agreements and communication will be accepted after the renaming to AVEVA Select Scandinavia.

Does the new name mean a new VAT ID number or a new commercial register number?

No, We will not change our VAT or Commercial registration number.

Will the order I placed before the rebrand still be fulfilled?

Yes, the rebranding will not have any effect on pending orders and agreements.

Do the employees of the former Wonderware have new e-mail addresses? If so, what is the new address?

Yes, the email addresses of Wonderware employees have changed to a new domain name @scandinavia
They will look like this: example@scandinavia

All Wonderware-Scandinavia domain email accounts will forward to the appropriate addresses.

Can I still connect with you on social media?

Yes, all the current social media accounts will be changed to AVEVA Select Scandinavia. If you are not connected to our organization, please feel free to connect with us on the following platforms to stay updated with upcoming news and events:


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